Quadra Btec was founded in 1998 and is the result of a collaboration of top-class executives in the construction industry. With respect for architecture, Quadra Btec has already implemented over 200 high-quality projects and continues its successful activity.

Quadra Btec aims to building and renovating commercial properties and hotels. Production quality, finishes, consistency in all areas and attractive prices are the key elements of our philosophy.

Quality, functionality and durability are the basic principles of all Quadra Btec projects. We are a company based in Thessaloniki and Athens, with many years of experience in the sphere of construction and renovation of commercial properties, hotels and F&B properties. The biggest proof of our success is a growing number of our clients and the numerous projects it has carried out across the country.


• Dismantling and restoration workshops
• Workshops for steel structures
• Workshop for plasterboard production
• Electrical and hydraulic workshop
• Workshop for tile laying and industrial floors
• Paint shop
• Workshop for sliding shutters and facades
• Workshop for aluminum constructions and safety rollers

• Workshop for building and wood coatings
• Department and workshop for awnings
• Department and workshop for illuminated billboards
• Department and workshop for air-conditioning and ventilation
• Department and workshop for sound installation (new)
• Department of delivery of professional equipment. (new)
• Department and construction of specialized constructions.
• Cleaning and restoration workshop (new)


• Crew of electricians for damage repairs
• Crew of plumbers for damage repairs

• Crew for direct damage of glass, awnings etc.
• Department and Crew for hotel maintenance and F&B commercial properties (new)